Glitter Gulf Leading LLC

Glitter Gulf Leading LLC designs, manufactures, installs and maintains all types of kitchen equipment for homes, hotels, bakeries, supermarkets etc. High quality stainless steel tables, sinks, freezers, shelves, cooking ranges, chef racks etc are available in a variety of designs and measurements to suit different applications.

We also customize units to suit particular needs. Be it a domestic or commercial requirement, Glitter gulf perform with the same zeal from initial meeting with customers, through development of the plan to executing the plan in a precise way and the maintenance of the units year after year.

Our Vision and Mission


We envision great growth and development in the coming years where innovations and cutting edge technologies will lead the way to more opportunities in life and commerce of the region and all over the world.


Our mission is to partake in the building of a more afluent society, by offering the best products and services to our customers and help in increasing the productivity of the Society as a whole and to become the best in the field by giving the best.